Education in India

  • Photo of المدارس في الهند

    Schools in India

    India has a long history of educational experiences that have greatly affected the level of schools and education in general there. Perhaps those experiences ...

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  • Photo of التعليم الجامعي في الهند

    University education in India

    Today, India has become one of the countries that is a front for many international students who wish to complete their studies abroad. ...

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  • Photo of دراسة اللغة الهندية في الهند

    Study Hindi in India

    The Hindi language is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, as it is a tongue for millions of people in India and in other neighboring countries ...

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  • Photo of فيزا الدراسة في الهند

    Study visa in India

    Until recently, India was one of the countries whose students intended to learn outside of it due to the deterioration of its educational level, except ...

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