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MM2H - Residence by Malaysia My Second Home

MM2H is a type of residence permit in Malaysia and is an abbreviation of Malaysia My Second Home.

The MM2H program provides residence for the applicant and his family for a period of 10 years and renews, provided that the conditions for their acquisition are preserved.

This program does not allow the applicant to work in Malaysia if he is less than fifty years old, but if the applicant is more than fifty years old, he is entitled to work part-time.

The applicant and his family obtain a residence permit for 10 years .. He has the right to add his parents with a visa that is valid for six months and renewed as long as the original residence owner has a valid residence permit.

The official government website for this program is All the required information is available on the website.

The following is a brief explanation of the MM2H program, as well as a practical case from experience.

First case: If the applicant is less than fifty years old, the conditions for application are as follows:

1- Criminal fisheye

2- A bank certificate proving that he has savings in the equivalent of 500,000 ringgit

3- A bank certificate showing the transfer of a salary for the last 3 months, with a minimum of 10,000 ringgits

These are the basic pivot requirements

After obtaining approval, which takes a minimum of 3 months, the following is done:

1- Opening a bank account in Malaysia and depositing an amount of 300,000 ringgit as a deposit in the bank

2- Medical examination

3- One year health insurance

4- Providing a certificate of deposit, medical examination, and health insurance certificate in addition to fees, then residence permits are obtained in the passport of the applicant and his family

The applicant and his family obtain residency for the duration of the number of years remaining in the current passport (for example 4 years) and upon renewing the passport, he will complete the remaining ten years in the new passport (for example the remaining 6 years)

Note 1 - Children can stay as accompaniment to the residence owner until they reach the age of 21 years

Note 2 - There are no restrictions for any time periods to stay in Malaysia under this program, you can enter and leave anytime you want.

Note 3- The papers can be submitted directly to the government or through specialized offices and in the case of application through offices the fees for offices range from 7 to 10 thousand ringgit

Note 4 - the passport remains with the applicant throughout the time and during the application period, but on the day of obtaining residency in the passport he will be handed over and received by the residence on the same day .. within only a few hours

Note 5 - After the applicant gets the residence permit, he can submit to his parents to obtain a renewal residence permit every six months with simple fees, but the parents must be over the age of sixty years and procedures for obtaining residence for them within a week or two at most, and it is possible that They are applied for this residence and they are already inside Malaysia

Note 6- After a year has passed to obtain residency under this program, the applicant has the right to withdraw amounts from the deposit, to disassemble part of the deposit and withdraw it for the expenses that were already spent in the form of rent or ownership of housing, as well as tuition fees for schools or universities or treatment, and the maximum amount is What can be withdrawn from the deposit is 150 thousand ringgit in the event that the applicant was his original deposit of 300 thousand ringgit, and the maximum amount that can be withdrawn from the deposit is 50 thousand ringgit in the event that the original deposit was 150 thousand ringgit

Note 7 - It must be maintained that the minimum deposit remains at least 150,000 ringgit, starting from the second year for the first case and not less than 100 thousand ringgit for the second case

The second case: If the applicant is more than fifty years old, the difference from the aforementioned will be higher than the following:

1- The amount to be proven in the bank account when applying for the program is 350 thousand instead of 500 thousand

2- Upon obtaining acceptance, he opens a bank account and makes a deposit of 150,000 ringgit instead of 300,000

A practical example based on experience

A.M. He applied for this program in August 2015 and his experience was as follows:

1 - Apply for this program through an office. The office fees were 7500 ringgit, which was paid in full after the paper was presented to the Malaysian government, in addition to 1100 ringgit translation and certification expenses, so that the total amount paid in the application stage is 8600 ringgit.

2- He obtained approval less than 3 months after submitting the application (note - his application includes him, his wife, and three children under the age of 21).

3- After obtaining the approval, he opened a bank account in Malaysia and then transferred the amount required to make the deposit .. He got from the bank an answer and papers stating this in order to present it to the passports.

4- He agreed with the office to complete the subject of the medical examination report and health insurance for all family members.

5- On the day that he agreed with the office to present the papers and obtain residency on the passport .. he went to the office and delivered the bank’s answer and passports to the family to be presented on the same day and to obtain a visa and re-receive the passports on the same day.

6- He paid an amount of 8200 ringgit and detailed it as follows:
600 ringgit ... a medical examination for family members at a rate of 120 ringgit per person
520 ringgit for each member of the family because they are already in Malaysia (government fees) .. and not outside the country.
It is called Journey Performance
1800 state fees for a 5-person visa .. for a period of 4 years as part of ten years
2,800 ringgit one-year health insurance for all five family members
Thus, the total amount paid by the applicant in this case is 8,600 plus 8,200 equal to approximately 17,000 ringgit.

To confirm: The person can apply on his own without the need for any office and the application will be in Petrajaya in the building of the Ministry of Tourism.

(The address and all application information and also follow-up to the request are available on the official government website located at the bottom of the article)

And good luck, God willing, for everyone.

The official government website that includes all the information and updating it

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