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Abdullah Al-Mutawa

Father of orphans

Abdullah Al-Mutawa believes in the collective work to support Muslims everywhere, regardless of whether this work is attributed to him or to the Islah Association, which is important in his view to help Muslims and help them wherever they are.

Sheikh Abdullah Al-Mutawa, may God have mercy on him, was alone a charitable association, so his work and office are open throughout the year to do good and help the needy, and everyone knows that his recommendation for a person or association is accepted by all good merchants in the entire Arabian Gulf.

His relations, may God Almighty have mercy on him, with Islamic and Arab personalities were a solid relationship, and an Islamic conference was not without this beloved, humble and benevolent character who loved extending the hand of goodness, cooperation and solidarity with everyone.

Birth and upbringing

Al-Mutawa was born in 1926, and grew up in a committed family atmosphere, and his father's keenness to raise him on good morals and great Islamic values. Their children in keeping this money and supervising it.

Establishing the Islamic institutional work

He contributed to the establishment of the Islamic Guidance Association in 1950 AD as the first institutional Islamic work in Kuwait, and the Social Reform Society in the early 1960s. Islah followed the same goals and principles of the Guidance Association, and he remained the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Islah Association and the Society Magazine until his death.

Although he was a well-known philanthropist, not only at the level of the Arab world, but also on the Islamic and international levels, he had a prominent role in the political, media and cultural spheres. Nevertheless, he was modest, simple and loving to all, and close to the heart of everyone who met him.

Al-Mutawa was one of the most prominent men of charitable work, loving him and generous spender on all aspects of righteousness and goodness, and he used to receive in his office those with needs, and strive hard to meet their needs.

It also established a conscious generation of moderate preachers who spread throughout the world, to spread the central Islamic thought that is far from exaggeration and negligence or excessive.

Close to Sheikh Abdullah Al-Mutawa says that, until his death, he was sponsoring more than five thousand orphans in various parts of the Islamic world, as well as paying a monthly sum to a number of charitable committees in excess of 350 thousand dollars, in addition to donations worth hundreds of thousands of dollars that were paid every year.

They said about him

 The scholar Yusef al-Qaradawi said: It is the common denominator behind every good deed that seeks to help the primary poor and needy of Muslims, or to fill the gaps that Muslims need to fill in the east and west of the earth, for he is the father of the poor, and a refuge for the owners of Islamic and humanitarian projects.

It is a destination for everyone who comes to Kuwait to seek help in charitable and Islamic projects from all over the world. I have known him for forty-five years, and I have only known about him sincerity in saying, sincerity in work, giving in the way of God, and participating in every useful work, to support Islam, spread his message, and advance his nation. I saw him in Peshawar in attempts at reform among the Mujahideen brothers in Afghanistan. And I saw him in France at the inauguration of the Islamic Scientific College, and I saw him in various conferences working for Islam, calling for Islam, and the civilization of Islam, Abdullah Al-Mutawa was not just a rich man, or as they say (a billionaire) for he lived his life with an invitation, an idea bearer, and a soldier A message, he vowed to her his life, and gave her his time, money and thought. His money did not distract him from his religion, nor did his wealth distract him from his vocation.

And the Egyptian Islamic writer Gamal Sultan says: I imagine that many pillars from the land of God will seek forgiveness for this great departed because he has in each of them an imprint of goodness and a good planting, and this is the one that remains for him with his Lord, and we ask God, glory be to Him, to compensate the Islamic nation for the great late. And to provide her with those who complete the march of goodness that Sheikh Al-Mutawa singled out for.

The preacher Sheikh Ahmad Al-Qattan says: The Social Reform Society, whose president was the Sheikh, sponsors more than 50,000 orphans, and has built universities, schools, shelters, hospitals, shelters and thousands of bakeries in the world. On his command, quick relief will be launched until he has become a distinguished international man. We are not the only preachers in Kuwait who have lost him. Rather, he has lost the poor on the ground, the widow, the orphan, the weak, the seeker of knowledge, the hungry, the barefoot, and the naked.


On Sunday 3-9-2006, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Mutawa “Abu Badr”, one of the prominent figures in the Islamic Call in Kuwait, founder and president of the Social Reform Society, died at the age of eighty years, after a long journey of charitable work that left its mark throughout the Islamic world. Abdullah Al-Mutawa is considered one of the most prominent advocates of the Islamic trend, and one of the first generation of the Islamic movement in Kuwait and one of the men of charitable work.

Abdullah Al-Mutawa
A picture of Sheikh Abdullah Al-Mutawa on the right next to the Emir of Kuwait

His Highness, the Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad, in a telegram of condolences and sympathy sent to the family of the deceased, in which His Highness expressed his sincere condolences and sincere condolences for their deceased, praising His Highness "for his great virtues and his great role in the service of Islamic and charitable work, whether on the local or foreign level." To be blessed with the mercy of his mercy and forgiveness, to dwell in him in his spaciousness and to inspire his family with patience and good consolation.

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