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Immigration to Italy through an employment contract

There are many ways to migrate to Italy, but immigration by work is one of the best migration methods through which you can obtain permanent residency for you and your family members (first class), and Italy is one of the European Union countries that enjoys all the advantages of the European Union from European free movement and this Means investment on a large scale, Italy is committed to the Schengen agreement, which allows Italian citizens to work in all European Union countries without the need for work breaks. As for foreign workers, it is necessary for a work permit from the Italian consulate inside their country, how can a work permit be obtained inside Italy? What are the conditions for that? And how you can obtain permanent residency through an employment contract, all of this we learn about through our article today.

Immigration to Italy through an employment contract:

The countries of the European Union, including Italy, are subject to the annual quota system for the employment of foreign citizens (from outside the European Union), but there are some exceptions for people with high skills, but they must obtain the work permit and the necessary visa for this.

The opportunity to enter Italy within the exceptions without waiting for the issuance of the annual quota permit is very special and specifies the Italian law Some of the conditions that regulate entry outside the specified quotas, which require that a person be one of the following professions:

  • Holders of specializations and skills such as managers
  • University professors
  • Researchers in master's degrees
  • Translators
  • People who want to do specific research within Italian universities
  • Persons who love volunteering in non-governmental organizations in the category between (20-30) years old

Persons who occupy these professions can also enter outside the allocated quota, which is:

  • Sailors
  • Artists
  • Journalists
  • The nurses
  • Theatrical and circus performers
  • An employee working for an Italian company.

Obtaining a work visa within Italy through your company:

Any foreign company can obtain a work permit for one of its employees inside Italy, after establishing a representative branch on Italian soil, and then it can apply for a work permit.

It boils down to 3 main steps:

  • The owner of the company applies to the Single Action Office (ISD) to apply for authorization
  • Apply for the visa that the worker obtained from the Italian consulate in his country (the visa is extracted within 6 months)
  • Issuance of residence permits

The papers needed to obtain a work visa in Italy:

There is a slight difference between the documents required from one consulate to another, but the documents are usually:

  • The visa application and you can get it from (
  • Passport size photo
  • A valid passport
  • Nulla osta awarded by the ISD
  • Medical certificate
  • A copy of the birth certificate, certified and translated into Italian
  • Notarized marriage certificate, translated into Italian
  • Fee, payable in cash (116 EUR).

Residency in Italy by means of an employment contract:

The period of residence that a person gets under his work contract is (2 years), the card is renewable for a period of 14 months, then 12 other months. There are some exceptions that allow residency until the end of the contract with a maximum period of 5 years.

Here, it should be noted that after obtaining the age contract, according to which obtaining a visa and traveling to Italy, you must go to the Immigration Office to sign the contract within a period not exceeding 8 days from the date of your arrival in Italy.

Advantages of immigration to Italy by work:

Immigration to Italy through work has many advantages, namely:

  • Enjoy a large field of work and ease of movement between the countries of the European Union (after obtaining the permit, as mentioned previously)
  • Accompanying your family and relatives of the first degree, and they are:
  1. the wife
  2. the husband
  3. Children under 18 years old
  4. mother and father
  5. Children with any disability (age is not required)

These are the most prominent points related to immigration to Italy through an employment contract


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