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The names of the American states .. their most important cities and capitals

Names of the American states, the United States of America is one of the countries that has global weight, which makes it a major influence, either positively or negatively, in many political decisions of various countries around the world. To which many immigrate around the world, and the concentration of the population varies according to the nature of each state and the extent of its importance, if you need to know the history of the emergence of that large country, or rather how it was discovered, how many states in America? What are the important capitals? I advise you to follow this article.

Names of the US states

Before talking about the names of the American states, I would like to start by stating a simple glimpse of the discovery of America, when it was discovered and who is the true discoverer of America.

Discover the United States of America

In fact, it is always common that Christopher Columbus was the discoverer of the Americas in 1492, according to American history, and an indication of this that Americans devote a day every year called Columbus Day; Commemorating him as the first discoverer of America.

USA states

But here we must mention the findings of some recent research conducted to arrive at the identity of the true discoverer of America, which concluded that:

  • The original discoverer are the Vikings, Chinese and Arab tribes.
  • This is what was observed after traces of some settlements containing artifacts dating back to 990-1030 AD were found.
  •  This means that the Vikings reached this spot and settled it 500 years before Columbus arrived.

As for the most famous novel, it says that Columbus had discovered America through his journey that was commissioned by the Spanish king to discover a road that reaches from the Western Ocean to China and India, but during his trip he discovered something else, which is the Bahamas.

Number of US states

  • There are 50 US states.
  • The states participate in what is known as a constitutional federation.
  • Each state has its own governor and its own capital.

States of America

Here are the names of the fifty states in America and the capital of each state: So that it becomes a reference for everyone who wants to know the number of US state names:

  1. The state of Alaska, and its capital, Juneau.
  2. The state of Texas, whose capital is Austin.
  3. The state of California and its capital (Sacramento).
  4. The state of Montana and its capital (Helena).
  5. The state of New Mexico and its capital (Santa Fe).
  6. The state of Arizona and its capital (Phoenix).
  7. Nevada and its capital (Carson City).
  8. The state of Colorado and its capital (Denver).
  9. Oregon and its capital (Salem).
  10. Wyoming: its capital is Cheyenne.
  11. The state of Michigan and its capital (Lansing).
  12. Minnesota and its capital (Saint Paul).
  13. Utah and its capital (Salt Lake).
  14. The state of Idaho and its capital (Boise).
  15. Kansas State and its capital (Topek).
  16. The state of Nebraska and its capital (Lincoln).
  17. South Dakota and its capital (Pierre).
  18. Washington state and its capital (Olympia).
  19. North Dakota and its capital (Bismark).
  20. The state of Oklahoma and its capital (Oklahoma City).
  21. Missouri and its capital (Jefferson City).
  22. Florida and its capital (Tallahassee).
  23. The state of Georgia and its capital (Atlanta).
  24. The state of Illinois and its capital (Springfield).
  25. Iowa and its capital (Des Moines).
  26. New York State and its capital (Albany)
  27. North Carolina and its capital (Raleigh).
  28. The state of Arkansas and its capital (Little Rock).
  29. The state of Alabama and its capital (Montgomery).
  30. The state of Louisiana and its capital (Baton Rouge).
  31. Mississippi and its capital (Jackson).
  32. Wisconsin and its capital (Madison).
  33. The state of Pennsylvania and its capital (Harrisburg).
  34. The state of Ohio and its capital (Columbus).
  35. The state of Virginia and its capital (Richmond).
  36. The state of Tennessee and its capital (Nashville).
  37. Kentucky and its capital (Frankfurt).
  38. The state of Indiana and its capital (Indianapolis).
  39. Maine and its capital (Augusta).
  40. South Carolina and its capital (Colombia).
  41. West Virginia and its capital (Charleston).
  42. Maryland and its capital (Annapolis).
  43. The state of Hawaii and its capital (Honolulu).
  44. The state of Massachusetts and its capital (Boston).
  45. Vermont and its capital (Montpellier).
  46. The state of New Hampshire and its capital (Concord).
  47. The state of New Jersey and its capital (Trenton).
  48. Connecticut and its capital (Hartford).
  49. Delaware and its capital (Dover).
  50. Rhode Island and its capital (Providence).
Names of the US states

The most important American cities

In the context of our discussion of the names of the American states, we quickly mention the most important American cities and the importance of each city separately:

  • California: one of the most important states of America, which has many picturesque tourist areas, and it is the most densely populated US state.
  • Washington: the federal capital of the United States of America and the center of government.
  • New York: One of the most important American cities, where the Statue of Liberty is located, one of the most famous American landmarks in the world and the most populous city in America.
  • Alaska: The largest US state by area.
  • Los Angeles: One of the most important American cities in which Hollywood is the source of cinema production in the world and is the second most populous city in America after New York.
  • Philadelphia: The United States' largest city by area and fifth in terms of population density.
  • Chicago: It is an important center for telecommunications, tourism and transportation, and as such it brings together multiple nationalities and cultures.

This was a quick tour to get to know the names of the American states, their capitals and the most important cities in them. We accompany you on other topics to get to know the countries of the world in a deeper and clearer way, without incurring the trouble and hardship of a long search.

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