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University education in Malaysia

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Given the importance of the educational aspect, it is important to mention some details about university education in Malaysia and university study in general, which has become one of the necessary topics for many young people who are thinking of traveling and studying in Malaysia. International, and the following is several information that will help you if you want to go to Malaysia for the purpose of studying.

Information about university education in Malaysia

The language

It is one of the necessities that must be focused on, especially when deciding to study or university education in Malaysia. The English language is necessary for the student to learn, as obtaining an IELTS or TOEFL certificate is an important condition for registration in Malaysian universities. There are many public universities that place the English language certificate as a prerequisite for the process University admission, and the required score is 5 for IELTS and 500 for TOEFL for the bachelor's degree, except for some specializations such as medicine, which requires 6 for IELTS and 550 and above for TOEFL.

University education in Malaysia

With the need to warn that private Malaysian universities may accept that the student does not obtain a language certificate, but the student is subject to a special exam to determine his level and in case he passes the exam successfully, he can join the university classes, and if he does not reach the required level, he must register for the courses in the language in which he University tracking.

Tuition and housing fees

These fees may differ between universities, especially public and private universities, where there is a large difference between them, as these fees differ from one university to another and from one branch to another, the fees for private universities cost higher fees than government universities, where fees vary between public universities a clear difference, and that Depends on how internationally the university is recognized and what its scientific strength is. We can say that tuition fees may range from $2,000 per year to more than $10,000, according to the university, considering that medicine and engineering are among the most expensive academic disciplines.

As for the students’ monthly expenses, it varies according to the region in which they reside. For example, the capital, “Kuala Lumpur,” may need the student to pay $500 per month, in order to cover basic expenses, and in most cities in Malaysia, you may not need more than $400 per month.

University housing is also provided to students, whether the university is public or private. Many Arab students there prefer to rent them to shared houses, in which students live together and share the rent.

How to apply to the university and accept it

The process of applying to private universities is much easier than applying to public universities, especially at the undergraduate level, and from here it seems to all students that they have the opportunity to register in Malaysian universities, whether they are public or private, everyone can enter the website of the university he wants to join and study in, and complete the registration procedures himself , whether online for free or through universities, which are very cooperative in these topics, thus protecting the student from exposure to fraud or exploitation from university services offices.

It is preferable that each person who wants to register search for his favorite university, and then enters the website of the university of his choice, and he will find many information that he may need, read it and then ask to communicate with the university and complete the registration process himself, and in case he encounters any problems, he can send an e-mail to the university and it will He definitely finds it useful.

Study accommodation

It is preferable for the student to obtain an acceptance from the university in order to start doing the study visa before traveling to Malaysia, and thus he can enter Malaysia with his own visa as a student and save himself a lot of fatigue and problems that he may face. If the student is coming with the aim of studying and entered the state of Malaysia with a different visa, i.e. Tourist, for example, will have to leave the country for another country in order to apply for a student visa, and then the student will return at least two weeks later when the visa is ready to be placed in the student's passport when entering Malaysia.

As for the accommodation fees during your studies in Malaysia, it varies according to the university you study in and the required health insurance, but approximately each student pays about $500 in the first year, and about $200 for the annual renewal.

University education in Malaysia

Governmental institutions of higher education

Many students prefer to complete their studies at any institution or university in Malaysia. They encourage diversity in academic programs, whether professional or academic. These institutions, whether governmental or private, work to provide all programs, and in general, higher education departments are conducted through government institutions. As it is managed by public bodies, there are up to twenty government institutions of higher education in Malaysia that provide high-quality education, and these institutions are divided into three main categories, including:

research universities: It focuses on doing and presenting diverse and comprehensive research, where the lectures are of high quality and competitiveness.

Focus Universities: These universities depend in their focus on specialized fields, with high quality education and distinguished educational standards, these universities are oriented towards specialized research.

Shamil UniversitiesH: Where these universities conduct study programs in various specializations, the quality of education, and the conditions for registration are high, according to the university's study programs.

This is the most important information about university education in Malaysia and the steps you need to easily enroll in a university there.

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