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Muslim students in Australia

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Muslim students in Australia occupy a large percentage, as Muslims spread there with different sects, routes and orientations in many cities of Australia. Therefore, many universities in Australia are interested in providing programs that contain Islamic studies in order to attract a larger number of Muslim students, and give Australian Muslim students an opportunity to further enrich their heritage. .

Muslim student programs in Australia

It is known about young Muslim students in Australia that they are serious and love to study, but most of them do not prefer to travel to study in the Muslim country, for some reasons including that they do not know other languages, or because they feel that they will live in these countries with some risk, and therefore they cannot take a step like this, and therefore Accept Islamic studies in Australia.

As the interest in Islamic studies increased for the first time at "Charles Start" University and that was about five years ago, and the university had provided them with undergraduate programs, and a year later the university added a master's program in Arabic and follows a heritage educational curriculum, and then the number of enrollments increased to about 340 students, most of them from Muslims.


In view of the difficult conditions that the Arab countries went through in the recent period, especially in the Middle East region, the number of students studying in Australia increased, as Australian universities were interested in Islamic studies programs, and therefore many people had a desire to study in Australia, and that was one of the fruitful things for them, and therefore they were interested in presenting a different perspective. And the students really needed it, as it increased the motivation to travel to study there.

After that, Charles Start University was no longer the only university that taught Islamic studies, but other universities preferred to study and offer Islamic programs to Muslim students, whether from Australia or from abroad, and indeed the number of students enrolled in these universities increased, the most important of which is Western Sydney University.

The professors of these universities are interested in studies that benefit Muslim students in Australia in various aspects, as students employ their skills in Islamic studies in various fields over the years, and they are primarily concerned with the use of skills in teaching in primary and secondary schools, and Islamic studies in Australia are interested in making students able to work In the social field, and helping them to interact positively with individuals, especially non-English speakers, mainly.

Some universities were keen to teach Muslim students in Australia in Arabic, including the University of Sydney, as the Department of Islamic Studies increased them at all levels, and this was a result of what is happening in the world of changes, and the presence of Muslim students who prefer to know their Islamic world and learn in Arabic.

future Muslim students

Islamic Studies is interested in providing various opportunities for Muslim students in Australia, so that they have a bright future. Australian universities offer Islamic programs and aspire that students benefit from these studies, especially the stage of their enrollment in work, and with regard to students, many of them aspire to study in the Arabic language, to know their own culture and politics.

And some students confirm that they enjoy studying a lot, and are thinking of obtaining a PhD in Arabic Studies after they have completed the required courses.

Some students also explained that the Arab revolutions made them interested in Islamic studies, and these revolutions motivated them for these studies, in order to get acquainted with what is related to the Arab Islamic countries.

Examples of Islamic studies

At the University of Sydney, for example, there are joint studies, some of which combine law with international studies, and this is one of the majors of Islamic and Arab studies.

Islamic studies also obtained a distinguished career path in teaching, and one of the most common phrases that Australian Muslims say there is: “I am an Australian Arab, and I am part of society in Australia and I have faith in the plurality of cultures and Arab societies and their contributions.” This was a necessary part of what concerns the Arab-Australian citizen and also an important part of The wonderful contributions of the State of Australia. This is what educational programs do for Muslim students. It is part of their being and their culture that they are interested in knowing.

There are Islamic studies based on Islamic courses in English, and these educational courses help them overcome their negative perceptions of the Islamic world. These courses were a bold science for them to address extremism, and introduce them to Muslims who created a wonderful civilization that includes many sciences, trade, various legal conventions, customs and rules acquired by Europe In the end, you use it to develop civilization.

Muslim students in Australia

Census of Muslims in Australia

Muslims arrived in Australia 200 years ago, accounting for about 1.7 percent of the population, and Islam became the most important and widespread religion there after Christianity.

Australia included some flourishing Muslim communities, which consist of various people from different parts of the world, including Afghans who were among the first Muslims to settle in Australia in the nineteenth century, and Australia built their first mosque in the south in 1861.

In the 2006 population census, the percentage of Muslims increased to reach more than 340,000 Muslims in Australia, and over the years the proportions of Muslims increased there, and after 2011 universities were interested in creating Islamic studies programs to ensure that Muslim students learn all their cultural backgrounds.

Australia was proud to be a mixture of different cultures and religions. All Muslim students are encouraged to preserve traditional beliefs, which after learning and preservation are expected to also respect the rights of others.

From the above, it is evident that Australia is keen to teach Muslim students in Australia the sciences that benefit them and the cultures that interest them about Muslims in other countries.

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