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Halal products in America

Muslims in America are constantly searching for halal products and halal food, and the truth is that these products are now available and there are many restaurants in which halal products and food are available for Muslims, and the meaning that this product is halal is that it complies with Islamic law and is free from animal gelatin, animal fats and all pork derivatives alike. It was meat or fat, but you can see what are the terms that mean that this product is halal and what are the sites that help you to identify halal restaurants and products, and whether there is an application that provides this service and makes it easier, through this article we will know the adequate answer to all of these Questions.

Halal products

Halal products in America:

At the outset, we would like to point out an important matter. There are some terms that mean that this product is halal. Examples of these terms are:

  1. Kosher food
  2. Halal Food
  3. Slaughtering

Every Muslim residing in America or any western country should pay attention to these terms on all his purchases with regard to meat, drinks and gelatinous products. As for names and vegetables, they are all permissible.

Recently, sites that provide Muslims with the service of identifying places of halal food have spread by entering the name of your state, and the site provides you with a set of results that contain all halal food places in the vicinity of you.

Due to the increasing number of Muslims, whether residents or tourists, this in turn contributed to the interest in establishing such restaurants.

One of the most popular sites that provide a food search service is the zabihah website, and its link is: The site provides many services, which we will explain in our next paragraph.

Site services zabihah  For Halal Food:

The site offers many services. We will display the service and its link on the site:

  1. You can learn about American Halal products and get acquainted with the opinions of consumers on them through this link:
  2. Major stores that offer products, whether American or otherwise, but pay attention to that carefully by reading the manufacturing materials on the package. Get to this information through this link:
  3. Halal food provided by airlines at the passenger's request The names of those meals and the companies that provide them through this link:
  4. All the halal products that an individual may need are available in addition to evaluating consumers through this link:
Halal products

Halal Eating Applications:

With the increasing need to know halal foods and products, applications have appeared through which it is possible to determine whether the product is halal or not, and the most famous of these applications is the Scan Halal application.

How does Scan Halal work?

  1. Download the app from Google Play & App Store  
  2. Start using it by entering the necessary data
  3. The program works by recognizing the barcode of the product 
  4. Place the camera on the barcode of the product, and the application will recognize it and show you the appropriate color to identify whether it is halal or not
  5. The application shows its results in 3 colors yellow, green and red.
  • Yellow means the product is mixed
  • Red means that the product is not halal
  • Green means that the product is completely halal.

6. The application has a number of data recorded on it that enables it to show your result, but there are some products that may not be registered on it, since they are not widespread or widely consumed.

7. The application is completely free.

In the end, we would like to emphasize that investigating the conformity of food to Islamic law is a common matter, so do not underestimate or overstate your religion and choose the easiest.

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