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The conditions of Muslims in Australia

Muslims lived in Australia before the British

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Islam in Australia is considered a minority religion, and more than 800,000 Muslims live in Australia, representing 2.6 % of the Australian population, and Muslims constitute the second largest religious grouping in Australia, and large numbers of Muslims live in both Sydney and Mulberry, and Afghans and Lebanese are considered to be The largest Muslim community in Australia, and there are more than 112 Islamic centers and mosques distributed in Australian cities, and today we will talk about the conditions of Muslims in Australia.

In Australia, secular thought is spreading, which threatens the Muslim families residing in it, and although Australia is a secular society, it hopes for the freedom of individuals as it allows Muslim communities to use the media to present the correct Islamic viewpoint away from distortion and rumors.

It is worth noting that the widespread secular thought in Australia and the great freedom enjoyed by citizens have led to some negatives in Australian law, including the prevention of family guardianship, where the role of the family ends when the young man or girl reaches the age of 16 years, as the law allows each of them to separate from the other.

This is considered one of the major challenges facing Muslim families in Australia, knowing that most Muslim families living in Australia adhere to the teachings of the Islamic religion and adhere to Arab and Islamic traditions and customs, and Muslims who traveled to Australia from non-Muslim countries apply the teachings of Islam in Australian society. Who is open.

Muslims lived in Australia before the British

You may be surprised when you learn that Muslims lived in Australia before the British and white settlers, but it is a fact confirmed by history, and the results of opinion polls indicated that 46% of the respondents wanted to reduce the number of Muslim immigrants to Australia, and the results of the survey indicated that most Australians do not know the percentage of Muslims in their country, Professor Lucia Surbera, who works in the Department of Arab and Islamic Studies at the University of Sydney, said: “The current Australian Muslims are fifth-generation Australians, and they arrived in Australia before the British ships reached the shores of Sydney.”


Professor Surbera also indicated that there was a relationship between Muslims and the indigenous people in Australia since 1788 AD through trade exchange between Muslims in Southeast Asia and the indigenous population, and historical documents confirm the existence of marriage between Muslims and the indigenous people of Australia before the British arrived in Australia in 1788 AD. Most Australian Muslims are not recent immigrants to Australia, as many think, but they are the children of families who lived and settled in Australia since the year 1800 AD or more.

Conditions of Muslims in Australia

When you travel to Australia, you will notice the conditions of Muslims in it, as it is similar to the conditions of Muslims in the West, as they are subjected to a violent campaign since the famous September events, and the Zionist lobby seeks to fully control political and economic life after these events, by distorting the image of Muslims and accusing them of false accusations. And incorrect.

The strange thing is that the Australian government dealt with the claims of the Zionist lobby against Muslims as if it were true, but the Muslims corrected the situation where the Muslim community in Australia formed a committee of Muslims in Perth, Western Australia, and met with the Prime Minister of Australia and demanded the necessity of creating a media balance with the Zionist lobby, Presenting the correct image of Islam, in addition to presenting true Islam in the official media in Australia.

The Australian Prime Minister agreed to the demands of the Muslim community, and thus the Muslim community participated in the media, and the correct image of Islam and Muslims was clarified, and the Muslim community called on the Australian government and the media not to duplicate the application of democracy and that Islam be presented clearly and without any distortion in terms of the Zionist media.

The Islamic presence in the Australian media contributed to the entry of large numbers of different nationalities immigrating to Australia. More than 2000 people declared their Islam after the September events and the media campaigns in support of Islam and Muslims.

The role of the Muslim community in Australia

What the Muslim community in Australia is doing in establishing Islamic centers and establishing Islamic schools confirms their commitment to the teachings of the Islamic religion and their eagerness to defend Islam and the entry of various nationalities into the Islamic religion. The Muslim community in Australia has set up Islamic camps to present awareness of Islam and the use of Arab and Islamic radio stations to spread The Islamic call, for example, was rented two hours per week on a television channel in Australia in order to present the correct form of the Islamic religion.

Muslim community in Australia

Despite the spread of Islamic schools all over Australia, there is a major problem, which is the lack of the number of preachers and teachers who study Islamic subjects such as belief, jurisprudence, and Sharia, as the Muslim community in Australia suffers from a lack of preachers and sheikhs as they visit Muslims there once a year, and the truth It is said that all countries of the Islamic world must send qualified preachers and scholars to undertake Islamic preaching or teach in an Islamic school in Australia.

Despite the violent campaigns against Islam and the demolition attempts against the second generation of the children of Muslim families in Australia, but there is no need to worry, this generation is keen to learn the legal curricula, even the children of non-Muslim Australians accept to study in Islamic schools, which sends hope to jealous Muslims On their religion among this generation to protect it from any potential dangers.

In the end, the conditions of Muslims in Australia are considered good, as the state grants them all their rights, and the number of individuals who enter the Islamic religion in Australia is constantly increasing thanks to the keenness of the Muslim community there to present the correct image of Islam and Muslims.

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