• Photo of تأشيرة رجال الأعمال في أستراليا

    Australia business visa

    1 Australia 2 Australian visa sections 3 Business innovation visa 4 Investor 5 Distinguished investor Australia Searches a lot of…

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  • Photo of فيزا العمالة الماهرة Skilled working visa

    Skilled working visa

    A skilled worker visa is a way to travel to Australia, and one of the paths leading to permanent residence and even nationality ... The following is an explanation ...

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  • Photo of الإقامات في الهند

    Stays in India

    India is one of the most populous countries in the world, as it is one of the largest countries in terms of population density, and India ranks second ...

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  • Photo of السكن في السويد

    Housing in Sweden

    Housing in Sweden varies mainly between camps, the famous Swedish "stuga", hostels, hotels, castles ...

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  • Photo of الإقامات في فرنسا

    Stays in France

    France is one of the countries of the world that perhaps thousands of Arabs are looking to live in or resort to for several reasons. Maybe now there is no need ...

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  • Photo of الإقامات وأنواعها في اليابان

    Stays and types in Japan

    Japan recently approved a new system aimed at bringing in an impressive number of workers and skilled workers in about 14 different fields, including ...

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  • Photo of إذا كنت تخطط لزيارة طوكيو

    If you are planning to visit Tokyo

    Tokyo may be a sprawling capital, but its attractive attractions and all its popular shopping districts can be easily explored, thanks to ...

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  • Photo of الإقامة الدراسية في ماليزيا

    Study residence in Malaysia

    It is worthwhile to talk about the issue of residency in Malaysia, how to get your university admission in a country like Malaysia, and how ...

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  • Photo of الإقامة السياحية في ماليزيا

    Tourist accommodation in Malaysia

    Malaysia is known to be the precious jewel in the Far East, as it is one of the major and developed countries economically and developmentally in Southeast Asia ...

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  • Photo of السكن الجامعي في إنجلترا

    University housing in England

    University accommodation in England is an option and a favorite for international students, but it can be relatively expensive

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