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COVID-19 Test in Aberdeen -Scotland COVID-19 test in Aberdeen before traveling outside Britain

It has now become a requirement in many countries of the world before traveling to it to ask the traveler to do a corona test before boarding the plane during the 72 hours prior to travel.

And since the British state provides free analysis only for those who have symptoms of the disease and not for the purpose of travel. Some centers provided this analysis for a fee. Here is one of the centers located in Aberdeen (Scotland). The result is obtained within 24 hours of the swab procedure. A certificate of the result is delivered for travel.

Cost of the Covid 19 test in Aberdeen: 200 pounds per person

Email inquiry and reservation is

Source of information:
By sending them this e-mail.
Date this information was obtained:
October 24, 2020 CE

The following is the text of their response to the information request email:

Dear xxxx
Thank you for your email. Covid 19 testing is £ 200.00 per person and a certificate can be issued if required for travel. Please advise if you require any further information.
Please note we only offer tests for leisure travel on a Friday or Saturday.
Kind regards 

Dawn Campbell |
The Aberdeen Clinic * 
Registered address for TAC Healthcare Group Ltd | 387a North Deeside Road, Cults, Aberdeen AB15 9SX 
M: 07587 554724 | t: 0333 0143488  

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