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Willingness to work as a doctor in England - preparation of Clinical Audit

Many of the doctors who are on their way that they offer me a job in England, or actually present, keep in front of them, needs that they complete in cv, including a clinical audit, and that many people keep the topic on it and do not know where it works ..
This is an attempt to explain audit in an easy way so that we can understand it and apply it to the places they work in. So we can improve cv.
The videos explain, I hope it simplifies the picture.
First: I mean, what is audit and what is its significance, which means what is an audit cycle and what is it composed of?

Second: What is an audit checklist and do it?

Third: What report template and how do we write it?

Fourth: An example of an audit report. How do we write it in detail and how do we work on it in other subjects?

Fifth: An example of presentation on audit

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