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Alsadiq Al Hawash

The honest doctor, Alhosh

The Messenger of God said: What do you count as martyrs among you? They said: O Messenger of God, whoever is killed in the path of God is a martyr. He said: “So my nation’s martyrs are few,” they said: “Who, then, Messenger of God?” He said: He who is killed in the path of God is a martyr, and he who dies in the path of God is a martyr. narrated by Muslim.

The honest doctor, Alhosh

Who is Al-Sadiq Al-Hawosh?

Alsadiq Al Hawash A Libyan Muslim doctor who moved to Britain to work as a consultant orthopedic surgeon at North Wales Hospital in England 17 years ago.

Alsadiq Al Hawash Married with four children, he died on Monday 20 April 2020 at the age of 58 after he was infected with the Corona virus while trying to save one of the infected people. Worked at St. Helens and Nowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust for 17 years, he died at Weston Hospital from contracting HIV.

He was seen off by his fans, hospital staff and patients on Monday, April 21, 2020, while he was on his way to burial (watch the attached video).

Distinctive life and a fine creation

"Al-Hawsh was a wonderful husband and loyal father, and he loved his family very much ... He loved his work and was dedicated to supporting his patients and colleagues," Al-Hawash said in a statement.

"Sadiq has always been there to help anyone and he was happy to do everything needed to help his colleagues and patients," said co-worker Ravi Godina, an orthopedic consultant.

Hospital director Ann Mar Obi said: “Sadeq will lose everyone he knows and works with him. He was without a doubt a beloved member of the team. ”

Dr. Al-Sadiq Al-Hosh, may God have mercy on him, is known for his kindness, sincerity, gentleness of his creation and his love for his work as servants of the most extreme borders, may God have mercy on him.

The scene of his funeral and farewell

Video of a farewell ceremony of the body of the sincere doctor Alhosh (Britain)

The scene is a global snapshot that will not be seen even in the movies because it is not a drama or artificial tears. It is sophistication. It is appreciation and respect in all its meanings. It's humanity.

We ask God to accept him in the martyrs and to inspire his family and his family of patience and solace and everyone who died from the righteous from the servants of God with this epidemic.

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