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Arab Malaysian Professional Dialogue Association (Principle) MAPDA


The Malaysian Arab Professional Dialogue Association (Principle) is a bright star in the sky of Malaysian NGOs recently with its distinguished activities and unique creations.

The Malaysian Arab Dialogue Association was established principle in the year 2017 AD from a group consisting of Arabs and Malaysians, aiming to build bridges of professional cooperation and solidarity between the Arab community and the Malaysian people in all its spectrums; With the aim of serving the society in which they live.

Under the slogan of One Nation, the association's activities varied into three main areas:

 The first area: Training the teachers of Arabic language and the Holy Quran in Malaysian schools

Training the teachers of Arabic language and the Holy Quran in Malaysian schools through a specialized professional academy that seeks to benefit from specialists in these fields in developing teachers ’performance from a professional point of view not only in Malaysia, but also plans to reach its electronic platform to surrounding countries such as Indonesia and Brunei. As well as vocational training courses that qualify youth for the job market.

Arab Malaysian Dialogue Association
Part of the qualification course for Arabic language teachers

 The second area: Community participation

Community participation, which is represented in support of both the professional and material types from which the components in this society benefit, among them refugees, headed by Rohingya refugees, and in this crisis aid has extended to include Malaysians and Arabs who have been necessitated and attacked by the conditions that strike the whole world (Corona crisis) Where the assistance was provided in the meeting of an association delegation with the Minister of Islamic Affairs, Malaysia.

Arab Malaysian Dialogue Association principle
A part of the association's visit to Rohingya refugees in Malaysia

The third area: Building partnerships

Building partnerships by opening Arabs residing in Malaysia to all layers of Malaysian society, and strengthening the link between them, to achieve cooperation and complementarity in all areas of scientific, religious and cultural life, learn about customs, traditions and customs, and benefit from the spirit of cultural diversity and coexistence with different races and religions.

Dialogue Association

The association contains a variety of its members, which gave it strength and speed in movement. Its members are a constellation belonging to ten different nationalities and a group of multiple disciplines, reflecting the cultural diversity that characterizes Malaysia.

Community Society activities in light of the spread of the Corona virus

And based on the vision that the Foundation believed in, its activities varied and diversified, especially during the current crisis that swept the world, where the Assembly was a precedent in the field; With the time and effort of the doctors, its members and lovers, it supported the Malaysian health sector within one nation project, which includes

First: Three service projects:

1-  Principle Online Clinic: Which aims to activate the diagnostic service in simple medical cases online without going to hospitals in order to reduce the burden on hospitals and reduce the risk of transmission.

Arab Malaysian Dialogue Association principle

2-  Project MarketingAfter many experts agreed on the possibility of a long-term economic stagnation, I decided the principle of trying to reduce the burden on citizens whose small enterprises were affected by the measures to stop the movement by establishing (a marketing channel between the producers of small projects and consumers) in order to serve the consumer and the product and try to reduce The size of losses due to the Arab-Malaysian ban.

3- Project to support refugees and families affected by the Corona crisis: Which started in its first stage by providing support to 100 families of the Rohingya who are in great need fleeing injustice and persecution, as well as providing food and medical aid to the Malaysian Ministry of Islamic Affairs.  

Al-Hawar Association

Second: A project that aims to raise the level of faith:

In response to the state’s repeated calls for supplication, prayer of need, and supplication to God to lift the epidemic, and because of our belief in sharing, it established the principle of electronic reading as follows:
1_ For men after Fajr prayer for sunrise followed by supplication.
2_ for women after Fajr prayer for sunrise followed by supplication.
3_ for children, with the aim of using time and memorizing the Qur’an.

Third: The health and awareness project:

His field is to educate the public about the urgent matters that have imposed themselves as a result of restrictions on movement through online lectures, various videos, and various products.

Fourth: Future projects:

On top of it is the Professional Academy Project for Qualification of Teachers of Arabic Language and the Noble Qur’an in Malaysian Schools, which was prepared for with a training program in cooperation with Sultan Zain Al Abidin University; Attended by a group of teachers representing more than thirty-five Malaysian schools and educational institutions.

Fifth: The International Exhibition for Small Projects:

It aims to support emerging projects by providing an opportunity to present their projects in an international exhibition to which the largest companies, investors, embassies and related ministries are invited.

In conclusion, the association welcomes all posts that would support the mission of the association and achieve its vision directly through the following communication tools:
website :
Facebook page :
Phone: +60321165888
Address: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Suite 33-01, 33rd Floor, Menara Keck Seng, 203 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100

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