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The Skilled Worker Visa is a route To travel to AustraliaAnd among the paths leading to permanent residency and even nationality .. The following is a detailed explanation and links to official sources of information related to this matter ..

The first point is that the Australian Department of Immigration has their site ( You should be your primary reference for any information related to your path to achieving the conditions for immigration to Australia. The site contains hundreds of visa types and you can view it.

We will focus here on two types of visa, namely (subclass 189) and (subclass 190) .... They are a permanent residence visa in Australia for people who qualify according to predetermined and defined conditions

The essay subject visa from the Visa group is GSM or General skilled migration

It is an Australian program to attract persons with qualifications and skills to immigrate to Australia, the two visas allow any of them to permanently reside in Australia without conditions, and they are similar to each other in the points system, but the difference between them is that the initial skilled-independent means independent and you apply for it as an independent person without a sponsor or someone In Australia, the second state-nominated means that there must be a sponsor for you in one of the states of Australia provided that you live there for the first two years of your arrival.

What conditions must be met?

They are five basic terms:

1- Your Occupation:
Being a holder of one of the professions required in Australia, and you can view these professions on this link…/wor…/skill-occupation-list

2- Your age
You are not older than fifty years

3- Language:
Your IELTS level of English language proficiency test should not be less than level 6 or 7 (please check the latest update on the immigration website to confirm the latest information on this point for continuous updating)

4- Certificates:
It must come with equivalent accredited certificates from the competent authority, and it is called the Authority. Every profession has a trade union organized for its work and evaluates the qualifications of professionals and technicians in Australia.

5- Points:
You must score at least sixty points on the Australian career test

The following is a detail of the above

Come understand what the 60 points are and how to get them easily

Points depend on your qualifications, work experience, age, and primarily your English language level


18-24 years gives you 25 points

25-32 years give you 30 points

33-39 years old gives you 25 points

40-44 years gives you 15 points

45-49 years old does not give you any point zero points


Certifications and qualifications

Diploma: gives you 10 points

Bachelor's or Master's degree: gives you 15 points

PhD: gives you 20 points

(Important note ... the last certificate you obtained from the aforementioned will be calculated for you. If you have a bachelor’s and master’s degree, it is not worth 30, but only 15 points for the master’s)

Practical experience

From 0 to 3 years: No points are awarded

From 3 years of experience to 5 years of experience: takes 5 points

From 5 years of experience I have 8 years of experience: take 10 points

From 8 years of experience and above: take 15 points

English level

competent level: is to have 6 IELTS for each language skill, and this level is not awarded any points.

proficient level: It is to have 7 in IELTS in every skill of language skills, and with this score 10 points.

Superior level: To have an IELTS 8 score in each language skill, and this score gives you 20 points.

Additional factors

If you have a partner (husband / wife) ... with two conditions ... that / that the profession of the partner is required in Australia and has been equalized as well, and he has obtained at least 6 IELTS, which in this case give 5 points.

If you apply for the second type of visa, which is the Visa 190 of a specific state in which you have a guarantor, you take 5 points.

There is an important point regarding the choice between the 189 and 190 visas

Visa 189 This is a free visa that does not link you to any state and you can live anywhere you want

Visa 190 is a visa that gives you just 5 points for applying to it, but its disadvantage is that it links you to a specific place where you must reside for at least two years.

How do you receive state sponsorship?

This is something you should evaluate well. Because there are rich states and care in which is free, such as (New South Wales - Sydney / Victoria - Melbourne), you may face some difficulties in the states that have high competition, while the less developed states such as (Tasmania - Hobart) may have better chances in which you must reside The situation yourself, and you choose the best for you according to your points and your chances.

The following are the locations of the states for Visa 190, and each state has different conditions for your care, and the professions you need are different

New South Wales

Northern Territory


South Australia


Western Australia


Second stage: How to apply

The first matter is skill assessment equivalent to a certificate from a recognized Australian authority if you follow the list of required professions assessing authority next to each profession of the agency approved by the state for evaluation and accreditation, and this process takes at least three months and the cost varies from one side to another.

The third stage: the evaluation arrives

For those who will apply for a visa of 190, your application must be in the state you have chosen to reside, which will take care of your papers, and this matter takes at least two months

Then Ali Skill Select from this link ( are waiting for the invitation to come to you from the state for which you submitted your papers, and this step is free of charge.

This step does not have a specific time, but the one who makes the selection is the computer based on your points. The holder of the highest points is the one presented to the owner of the lower points, and when equal, the oldest or the earliest is provided, even by one minute. On the visa.

Final stage

Is the visa application stage, create an account on ( form is filled out and the visa fees are paid via a credit card at the immigration site itself, which is $ 3600 for the main applicant and $ 1800 for the husband or wife - and $ 900 for the children for each child under 18 years old. This stage takes approximately 3 months until you get the visa with the medical examination and the rest Basic matters, and the visa will be electronic, and you are not required to go to the Australian embassy

Important advice

Do I need a lawyer?

Answer: These procedures do not require a lawyer; Because his wages are not less than five thousand dollars at least, and this is easy, and you can take all the steps

After obtaining the visa?

This visa allows you to work or study in Australia with permanent residence, and after four years you have the right to apply for Australian citizenship.

Please review the official websites included in the article to follow any update of this information through the official websites of the state.

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