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Qatar Charitable Foundation

Qatar Charity

From the Middle East to Europe and from Africa to Asia, Qatar Charity is active in more than 60 countries around the world
Tirelessly helping the needy groups when and where the need arises.
This is the mission of the Qatar Charity Foundation, which she adopted for herself and saw as her destination in helping the needy and the needy around the world.

Qatar Charity Origination

Qatar Charity is an international humanitarian and development NGO founded in 1992 in the State of Qatar.

The Qatar Charity Foundation was established as an institutional expression of a civil will that derives its components from the values, principles and cultural and civilizational heritage of the Qatari Muslim community in order to do good and participate in the international solidarity series effectively and efficiently in addressing the most important humanitarian and development challenges facing poor and needy people across the world .. where he was at the forefront of these Priorities help children who are victims of crises and disasters, before expanding the scope of work of the Qatar Charity Foundation to include various humanitarian and development sectors.

Qatar charitable achievements

Over the years 2012 to 2017, it spent more than $ 1.3 billion on humanitarian and development work.
Beneficiaries of the services around the world more than 158 million people.
International field offices 26 offices around the world.
Qatar Charity is active in more than 60 countries around the world.

Its areas of activity

The association has not left one of the areas of support to the needy and their aid has not been included in it .. These are the following areas:

  •  Water well drilling
  • Health projects
  • Education projects
  • Fight poverty
  • Relief for the afflicted
  • Pay the debts of the Garmin
  • Homes for the poor
  • Building mosques
  • A guarantee for families, students and orphans

This is unlike the presence of a window on their official website to create any project. It would provide a solution to a problem or crisis experienced by poor or needy societies, as well as scientific or research development projects, to provide a hand of support and assistance to all without distinction or discrimination.

Qatar local and international charity news summary - October 2019

The official website of Qatar Charity Foundation is

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