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Children's attractions in Washington, DC

There are many entertainment places for children in Washington, the most prominent of which is the combination of pleasure and entertainment while at the same time knowledge and learning. If you visit Washington for any reason, do not skimp on your children with a tour of the amazing museums, beautiful parks, and fun amusement parks, we will learn through our article today on The best kids sights in Washington.

Children's places of interest in Washington, DC:

It is very important to realize that entertainment and fun in the lives of your children can carry some aspects of knowledge. Fun and entertainment do not hinder the use of important information in an indirect way. There are many places of entertainment in Washington that allow you to do so.

Tourist places and entertainment

Entertainment places for children in Washington:

The National Aeronautics and Aviation Museum in Washington:

Space is one of the things that makes children most passionate. They all the time have a keen desire to get to know the space world, so the National Space Museum is an ideal option to take your children on a cultural entertainment tour at the same time.

The museum combines many objects for space travel such as: (rockets, spacecraft, aircraft) and many other holdings. The disturbing thing is that many of these objects are historical, some dating back to 1903.

Among the most beautiful holdings in the museum and the most important in terms of their historical value, such as the purposes of the Apollo mission and wright flyer, what adds to the museum a great value is its research center, which offers many activities for children starting from the age of 8 years, it also provides special offers and provides rooms for watching movies For the space scientist, the museum is really a complete, integrated world for every child who loves space.

United States Botanical Garden:

  • This park in Washington is one of the most important historical parks.
  •  The garden contains a distinct bouquet of plants dating back to 1842.
  • The number of plant species in that garden reaches more than 60 thousand species.
  • One of the most surprising things for visitors to this garden is the presence of carnivores, yes, carnivorous plants.
  • The plants are kept in glass houses to be able to provide a suitable environment for the growth of plants, especially rare plants.
  • Children's visit to the garden and watching them pine trees, orchids and other plants will arouse a passion for searching for these plants and how to take care of them and their stages of growth, which will increase their culture and information.

Washington National Zoo:

Two children do not disagree with the love of visiting the zoo and enjoy watching pets from them and the wild as well, so what about a zoo that combines more than 2000 species of animals monkeys, tigers, lions, elephants and many types of animals, it is sure that it is a fun adventure and a great opportunity to expand your child's reach To learn about rare breeds of animals, take memorial photos next to them and enjoy feeding them too.

Tourist places and entertainment

Potomac Park:

You can enjoy with your children a wonderful tour of the Potomac Park, which includes a wonderful collection of flowers and trees, this park looks great especially in the spring, the beauty of cherry trees in this park is picturesque and it is certain that playing, fun and enjoying family activities in this place will enhance the love between you and your children and in The same time gives them a fun time playing and having fun.

There are many other places that are a good option for entertainment in Washington like:

  • Six Flag Park 
  •  Glen Eco Park
  • Great Falls Park

Gardens and parks are scattered throughout Washington and it is beautiful that in most of these parks and amusement parks for children, which makes it an ideal place to enjoy a family trip that brings the whole family together for fun, play and entertainment.

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