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Where to sell halal food in America

The most famous restaurants that offer halal food

The big problem facing Muslims traveling, or rather immigrants to Western countries, specifically in America, is the search for places to sell halal food. We Muslims are forbidden to eat khanzer meat, consume alcohol and alcoholic drinks, not to mention the method of slaughtering, which must be according to Sharia What are the most foods and products in which those foods that are forbidden by Muslims are used, or they are slaughtered in an illegal manner?

In this report, we will monitor for you the most prominent restaurants that offer halal food in America, and many websites that serve all Muslims in America on this topic.

Halal eating
  • You can browse this site, as it is your guide to buying halal products in America
  • This site will also guide you on the largest American stores and outlets that offer halal food and products .
  • There are also many airlines that provide halal meals at the request of their passengers, and this site is your guide to find out which airlines serve Muslims in it. .
  • This site provides you with the opportunity to obtain all the information on the Halal product and how it is manufactured inside the factory, and the comments of consumers and their opinion on what is manufactured and whether or not it is done in accordance with Islamic law .

The most famous halal restaurant in Boston

1. Ariana Restaurant - Cuisine From Afghanistan

  1. 1- The Helmand
  2. 2- Garlic 'n Lemons
  3. 3- Shawarma Falafel
  4. 4- Boston Shawarma
  5. 5- Azama Grill
  6. 6- Darbar
  7. 7- Black Seed Cafe & Grill
  8. 8- Falafel King
  9. 9- Fiouna's Persian Fusion Cuisine
  10. Tangierino Restaurant
  11. Al-Wadi Restaurant
  12. The Halal Guys
  13. Cafe Beirut

The most famous halal restaurants in New York

1. The Halal Guys

2. 53rd & 6th Halal

3. Ravagh Persian Grill

4. Ariana Afghan Kabab Restaurant

5. ABA Turkish Restaurant

6. Mamoun's Falafel

7. Turkish Kitchen

8. Ravagh Persian Grill

9. Yemen Cafe and Restaurant

11. Omar's Kitchen & Bakery

12. Burgers By Honest Chops

13. The Halal Guys

14. Taksim

15. Simit Sarayi

16. Au Za'atar

17. Manousheh NYC

18. Rumi Turkish Grill

19. Seven Hills Mediterranean Grill

20. Istanbul Kebab House

21. Afghan Kebab House #1

23. Bedouin Tent

24.Biryani Cart

25. AnTalia

26. Souk and Sandwich

27. Papa Kebab

28. Haandi Restaurant

29. Akdeniz

30. Kashmir 9

Halal restaurants in Los Angeles

  1.  Bowery Bungalow Restaurant
  2. 2- Carousel Restaurant
  3. 3- Cleo Restaurant
  4. 4- Open Yasam
  5. 5- Open Sesame
  6. Joe's Falafel
  7. 7- Beta bar & Grill
  8. Bowery Bungalow
  9. 9- Illuminati
  10. Momed
Halal eating

Halal restaurants in Chicago

1. Noon O Kabab

2. Sabri Nihari

3. Kabobi - Persian and Mediterranean Grill

4. Sultan's Market

5. Rumi Middle Eastern Grill

6. Cafe Orchid

7. JK Kabab House

8. Italian Express

9. Ameer Kabob

10. Oasis Cafe

11. Usmania Restaurant

12. Khan Barbeque Restaurant

13. Ghareeb Nawaz Restaurant

14. Falafel Island

15. The Halal Guys

16. Falafel & Grill

17. Nile Restaurant

18. The Halal Guys

19. Cedars Mediterranean Kitchen

20. Anmol Barbecue Restaurant

21. I Dream of Falafel

22. Salam Restaurant

23. Kolachi

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