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Holidays and events in America

There is no doubt that each country has special holidays and events, and of course America is one of the countries in the world that allocates certain days in the year to immortalize certain memories, people, or events, during this article we get acquainted with holidays and events in America, some of those occasions are considered official holidays and others are not It is considered an official holiday. We will talk about each day and its meaning or memory, whether it is national, social or otherwise

The most important holidays and official events in America

Martin Luther King Day on January 16:

America refers to January 16 as Luther King’s Day because it is his birth day. This day is considered a federal holiday, considering Luther King one of the most important political activists in American history, and for this the US Congress in 1994 designated this day to celebrate it.

Belly Laugh Day 24 January 24:

This day is called the Day of Laughter in America, and it aims to change the psychological state and help laughter create a spirit of happiness. This day is a recognition of the importance of laughter and it is worth noting that the most prominent characteristics of the American people are that they are a friendly people who love to smile.


Green Earth Day on February 2nd:

This day is considered environment day and is adopted by more than 175 other countries around the world. On this day, everyone spreads environmental awareness and the best ways to preserve the environment and protect it from pollution caused by humans.

Lincoln's birthday, February 12th:

Lincoln was assassinated in 1984, and a year after his assassination, America decided to consider his birthday on February 12 as President’s Day. However, the US Congress decided to consider February 3 as President’s Day to become that day in memory of Lincoln.

Valentine's Day February 14:

Most of the countries of the world celebrate Valentine's Day, or Valentine's Day, on February 14th, and that day aims to deepen the meanings of love between people and strengthen social bonds between individuals.

Mardi celebration of snoring on February 28:

The name of that day is taken from a French word called Nardes Gra, meaning "Fat Tuesday." Many western countries. 

Holy Friday of April 14th:

A Christian religious ritual that precedes Easter, which coincides with the Jewish Passover.

Easter on April 16:

On that day, Christians celebrate the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ and his raising to heaven after he rose from the dead, and it is called the limit of light.

Mother's Day on May 2:

This day is an appreciation and gratitude for the role of the mother and her place among family members.

Memory of the last martyrs:

That day was devoted to the last Monday of May every year to recognize the role of martyrs of American soldiers throughout America's history.

Father's Day, June 3rd

Independence Day on July 4:

On this day in the year 1776, America gained its independence and that is why it was designated to celebrate the independence of America and consider it an official federal holiday.

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Labor Day:

America sets aside the first Monday of September every year to celebrate Labor Day, and this day is an official holiday.

Citizenship Day on September 17:

It is also called Constitution Day and has been considered an official holiday since 2004.

Feast of Christopher Columbus discoverer of America: 

It is celebrated on the second Monday of October, and the day has been declared an official holiday.

Halloween, October 31:

Americans celebrate it by wearing fancy dress in the belief that it will make evil spirits unrecognizable.

Veterans Day on November 11th

Thanksgiving Day: This day is celebrated in both America and Canada on the fourth Thursday of November, to thank God for the blessings he has bestowed on their countries throughout the year.

Christmas on December 25th:

It is celebrated by Christians worldwide, which represents the birth of Christ, Americans celebrate it by decorating the Christmas tree, going to churches and exchanging visits.

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