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Tourist accommodation in Malaysia

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Malaysia is known to be the precious jewel in the Far East, as it is one of the major and advanced countries economically and developmentally in Southeast Asia and the Islamic world, it represents the ancient history and the difference of cultures and civilizations, this attracts them to tourists and some of them may need to search for a tourist residence in Malaysia that is characterized by its calm and love of its residents To each other, so we are not surprised when we see this society is friendly and tolerant.

When looking at the strategic location of Malaysia, we find it located in the Asian continent, which is characterized by its rich population composition, and the distinctive and diverse cultural and cultural fabric, it is characterized by several possibilities and natural and tourism resources that increased its beauty and made tourism diverse, there are natural and historical tourism or archeology and therapeutic or educational tourism and became freely there And motivational, and all these activities diversified to make Malaysia the leading place in the global tourism map, which was called real Asia.

Tourist accommodation in Malaysia

Malaysia visa

In order to enter the state of Malaysia, you will find that it is one of the simple countries in the process of obtaining a visa to enter it, and recently it was called the easiest country to simplify entry for citizens, and this matter in particular applies to those who hold Arab nationalities, so they do not need to obtain a visa or visa to enter Malaysia, except in the case of The length of stay in Malaysia exceeds two weeks, so Malaysia is exempted from making a visa for them.

Regarding information about Malaysia's relationship with Arab countries and obtaining an entry visa there, it is necessary for the traveler to read all the information issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Malaysia, and from the immigration departments and the borders of Malaysia, it should be noted that the passports must be valid for a period of not less than For six months from the date of travel.

Tourist accommodation in Malaysia

The Malaysian state allows most of its citizens from Arab countries to enter the state of Malaysia without a visa during a period ranging between two weeks to 90 days, according to the state.

And for the citizens of Palestine, Libya, Syria and Somalia, Malaysia gives them two weeks without a visa, while the Egyptian citizens, the Algerians, the people of Morocco, Tunisia, the Kingdom of Jordan, Yemen and the countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council, Malaysia gives them about 3 months without a visa, and there is another country whose citizens are allowed to stay for about a month and they Citizens of the State of Sudan.

The cost of tourism in Malaysia

Here are several details that include the most important information you can need regarding the cost of tourist residency in Malaysia, and the most important of them are: 

The cost of airline tickets:

 Many companies in Malaysia compete with each other in order to obtain a large number of customers, and we can say that the majority of airlines offer close prices for tickets, with a note of differences in the degree of the ticket, there is a ticket related to businessmen that is higher than normal, and in general the general price of a ticket to Malaysia is what Between 300 dollars to 500 dollars per person.

The HotelS:

Hotel fares may differ greatly in terms of their classification, so we will arrange hotels according to the offers they offer from three-star hotels to five-star hotels, as follows:

Three Ngo hotelsM:

Their wages per person start at about $ 15 per night, until they reach about $ 40.

Four star hotels :

These hotels are more than the previous ones, as their wages per person start at about $ 30 per night and it can reach about $ 70 per night.

Five star hotels:

 These hotels start by making offers at certain times, but the majority of their wages are high. One person can stay overnight at about $ 100, and this number can double according to the additions that the resident may request.


There are many connections between the main cities of Malaysia, where there is a metro network that provides tourists during their transportation and at the lowest costs, but it is necessary to be careful in order for tourists not to lose their way, and on the transportation side, taxis are available and their costs vary in an acceptable manner according to the distance, and it is necessary before going To Malaysia that organizing the trip and choose to visit places close to each other to reduce costs and not even need to exert more effort.

Tourist accommodation in Malaysia


Anyone who goes to Malaysia for the purpose of tourism may need to know restaurants that sell fast food at the lowest cost, and these restaurants are many, and therefore many tourists go to them because of their cleanliness, as western and popular Malaysian restaurants as well as Arabic come second in terms of their cost, but who wants to taste the best and most delicious Food really, he has to go to fine restaurants which you may need for an additional cost.

Regarding the total cost of the trip, through some previous experiences of some tourists, Malaysia may need you for about $ 900 to stay for a week, and they emphasized that this does not include airline tickets or hotel fares, and this price may be high for some Arabs, but for the West, European countries, and some Asian countries, it is very suitable for their capabilities.

So the topic of tourist residency in Malaysia may require some thought and some research so that you are not surprised by the prices or the specific time of stay without a visa if you are from the Arab countries, and therefore it was necessary to do a comprehensive article with all the details of tourist residency in Malaysia.

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