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Express Entry Program to Canada EXPRESS ENTRY


Canada is one of the countries that attract residents from most countries of the world, which always provides opportunities for immigration to it, so that it recently organized a group of programs to attract more than a million immigrants until 2020, and among the most important immigration programs to Canada is the express entry program, Express Entry, which is conducted under Sponsorship of the Canadian federal government, which is one of the fastest ways to immigrate to Canada. Let us now know the most important advantages of this program.

Express Entry Program to Canada EXPRESS ENTRY

a program  EXPRESS ENTRY

The Express Entry Immigration Program was launched by the Federal Government of Canada in 2015, and thousands of immigrants were able to cross into Canada through this program.

But it is seen

  • What are the most important foundations of the Express Entry Program to Canada?
  • What are the most important features of the program
  • And the steps to apply for immigration through the express entry program.

These are the most important elements that we will be keen to explain to you now

The application process is ongoing for skilled immigrants who wish to reside in Canada permanently and integrate with Canadian society, and also participate in the process of supporting and building the Canadian economy.

The foundations of the system EXPRESS ENTRY

The express entry system makes it easier for individuals of skilled workers to enter Canada, in a way that is easier than other programs, while saving a lot of procedures and time that are spent if you decide to follow any of the other programs to immigrate to Canada.

As this program facilitates the process of qualifying for immigration, and then obtaining a permanent residence visa in Canada.

Fem The Express Entry Program includes 3 sub-programs:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program.
  • Federal Self-Employed Program.
  • The Canadian expertise category.

While some Canadian provinces select candidates for immigration, residence and work through the Express Entry program.

 But first you have to fill in Entry form in the EXPRESS ENTRY system It is a form that includes a set of the following points

  • Statement of personal information.
  • Proof of your abilities and skills in the English or French language.
  • Proof of information about your educational profile, the most important certificates and the courses you have acquired.
  • A statement of information about your employment history up to the time of filling out the form.
  • A statement of kinship between you and any Canadian citizens or permanent residents, if applicable.
  • A statement that you have a job offer in Canada, if applicable.
  • Your current income statement.
  • Statement of some information about the marital and criminal status.

In the end, if you don't want to submit it at the moment, you will have to save the draft form, or apply immediately.

Thus, after you have registered your data, you will have to wait for a response and know that an application has been filed under any of the immigration and citizenship programs that branch out from the Express Entry program.

It is worth noting that the data that you have just filled out are merely identifying data, and its primary purpose is to determine your chance of qualification for the candidacy process among thousands of immigration candidates.

In the event that you are accepted in principle, you will be notified of this, and a nomination file will be requested, through which you prove all the data that you mentioned in the first identification step, but this time you will be asked to attach certificates and evidence of the validity of the information you mentioned.

Express Entry

Conditions of admission and eligibility for immigration through the Express Entry Program

As mentioned, there are different branches and programs available for immigration through the Express Entry to Canada program.

According to these differences, we find that the qualification requirements for each program differ as well, but they are consistent in some basic criteria, including

  • Standard of proficiency in English, or Francophonie.
  • The standard of educational level required to be passed in each program.
  • Work experience criterion.
  • Interpersonal skills standard.

These are the criteria that will be required for a minimum in any of those programs, each program needs a minimum according to its nature.

You can read this comparison between the three programs to learn about Conditions for eligibility for immigration through the express entry portal In more detail.

The papers and certificates required for the program

  • Valid passport.
  • Evidence of qualifications and practical certificates.
  • Certificate of passing the language test.
  • Proof of provincial nomination letter (if applicable).
  • Proof of a job offer directed to you (if applicable).

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