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The cost of living and studying in England

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The cost of living in any country is one of the important things that any traveler looks for before making a decision to travel, whether the purpose of travel is to settle, work, study, or otherwise, bearing in mind that the system of life and living in England is different from what you are used to in your country of origin. Therefore, it is necessary to get acquainted with the nature of England and how to adapt and integrate with members of society, and start the study journey with you completely ready, and today we will talk about the cheapest cities in England to live and study through this article.

England is distinguished as a safe country despite the diversity of cultures and ethnicities of the population, and England also contains a large group of ancient universities that attract hundreds of thousands of international students who come to England from all over the world to study there, and the presence of thousands of foreign students in England removes the feeling of alienation, However, we advise students to study the cost of studying in England and compare it with the financial means available to them before deciding to travel to England. 

The cost of living and studying in England

The cost of living in England

The cost of living and life varies from one city to another in England according to several factors, and England is one of the most expensive countries in the United Kingdom in terms of housing and living costs compared to the rest of the United Kingdom (Wales - Scotland - Northern Ireland).

Also, prices and costs of living differ from one region to another in England, for example the capital London is one of the most expensive capitals in the world in terms of living costs, and there are relatively low-cost cities in England, including Manchester and Liverpool, and despite the high costs of living, England is the most attractive country for international students. In the United Kingdom, especially the city of London, which most students prefer to live and settle in due to the availability of the best British universities in it or close to it, and these universities are among the best in the world to study in.

Thus it can be said that the cost of living in England is different and depends on the city or region in which you will live, and on the purpose of your presence in England, for example are you looking for a job or a student who comes to England to study on his own expense or a scholarship student, and you also depend on the student study program Knowing that studying medicine in England is one of the most expensive majors.

It is worth noting that the city of London has been ranked among the most expensive cities to live in around the world, and in general, living in the northern regions of England is much cheaper than living in the southern regions.

England's cheapest city to live and study

Although many international students prefer England as an ideal destination to travel in, the cost of studying in England is one of the most important challenges that they face, and in order for students to overcome this obstacle, we will present to you, dear student, a list of the cheapest cities in England to live and study in terms of tuition fees, housing and transportation, Among the cheapest cities in England to live and study are the following: (Belfast - Southampton - Nottingham - Edinburgh - Manchester - Bradford)

Transportation costs in England

There are many types of transportation in the cities of England, where it is possible to take buses, taxis, underground or tram lines, and you can also travel from one city to another within England by the modern railway network, as it is a convenient and cheap option to travel and move between cities in England.  

Housing costs in England

There are many types of student housing in all cities of England, for example there is University housing Where students live on campus or near the university, and there is private housing and it is relatively far from the university and many students prefer housing in this type, and it is also possible to live with an English family where some students prefer this type of housing to master the English language by direct interaction with Local residents have different life situations, and shared housing is less expensive than independent housing.  

Important advice to reduce living expenses in England

You can reduce living expenses and study costs in England by following the following tips:

  • Subscribe to transportation services, whether subscribing for the week or the month. Subscriptions reduce the rate of expenses that are spent on transportation, knowing that some bus stations offer reduced prices to international students.
  • Reducing the rate of international phone calls with friends and family, and it is replaced by the free application and advanced technologies on the Internet, including Skype and others.
  • Find a suitable part-time job, as this helps reduce the cost of studying and living in England.
  • You can dispense with buying new books, searching for used books, borrowing books from libraries, or downloading them from Internet sites that provide the ability to download or read online.
  • The student must possess a minimum of 150 pounds per month, so that the student can meet his immediate needs of food, transportation, etc., and it is preferable not to carry a lot of money so as not to be stolen or lost money.
Living in England

The most expensive city in England For living and studying

The city of London, the capital of England, is the most expensive city in England in terms of the cost of education compared to other cities, and it decreases the more we go outside the big cities in general, especially in terms of housing expenses.

In general, housing costs in England are a very important factor for students coming to study or looking for work, because upon arrival in England students spend their own money until finding a job opportunity and benefiting from it in order to help him with the costs of life in England.

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