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The best city to live and invest in Turkey


Many Turkish cities have enjoyed the admiration of Arab tourists and investors in Turkey, as they prefer to live and invest in one of the Turkish cities, and in general, investors in the Middle East aspire to invest their money in safe areas and provide the necessary flexibility in terms of legal and administrative procedures, and this is what Turkey provides to investors, and Turkey has issued After 2010, several laws support and encourage foreign investment within it, so many Arabs ask about the best city to live and invest in Turkey, and this is what we will talk about in this article.

In general, the reasons for residing or living in Turkey differ from one person to another, because each person has preferences and desires of his own, for example individuals come to Turkey for the purpose of tourism, study, seeking knowledge, or to search for suitable job opportunities or for investment, especially Arab investors, and Arabs often invest their money in real estate. And others have improved profit opportunities for many Arab investors as a result of the decrease in the price of the Turkish lira against the US dollar, and Turkey is one of the few Islamic countries that give foreigners the right to own their lands and obtain Turkish citizenship through ownership.

The best city to live and invest in Turkey

The best city to live and invest in Turkey


Istanbul is the largest Turkish city, and the index of living and working in it has increased in the last two years by 10 degrees more than other Turkish cities, and Istanbul is characterized by its beauty and rapid urbanization, and it is considered one of the most famous tourist destinations around the world, and you can move easily while you are in Istanbul where there are many types Means of transportation, including the subway, tramway, buses, ferries, and others.


Ankara is the political capital of Turkey and the second largest Turkish city after Istanbul, and there are many internationally recognized universities in it, and the study in Ankara universities is characterized by that it is in English, and the Middle East Technical University and Bilkent University are among the most important universities in Ankara, and Ankara can be described as the best city to live And investment in Turkey, as it has previously topped the list of Turkey's best cities for living, and Istanbul often competes for this title.


The city of Antalya is located in southwestern Turkey and overlooks the Mediterranean coast. Development and investment work began in the seventies of the last century until it has now become a large international resort that attracts Arabs to live and invest in this charming city, which is characterized by a rise and a continuous improvement in the standard of living.

The city of Antalya is famous for its picturesque nature and charming beauty, and there are many hotels, resorts, public beaches, restaurants and cafes in Antalya, in addition to places that qualify Antalya to be the best city to live and invest in Turkey.

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The city of Yalova, the largest Turkish city, competes in reaching the first place in the Access to Basic Services Index, and it has recently obtained it, and has advanced in the living index by 10 degrees during the last two years. Yalova overlooks the Marmara Sea and is famous for its cold waters and wonderful coasts, and many Arabs prefer to live and invest. In the city of Yalova, where some consider Yalova the best city to live and invest in Turkey.

Yalova is about 175 km away from Istanbul, which means it takes approximately two and a half hours by car to reach Istanbul, and the express ferry is the fastest way to travel between the two cities, taking only 70 minutes.


Bursa is one of the most important industrial cities in Turkey, and it was ranked among the best city to live and invest in Turkey for Arabs and foreign investors, and Bursa is located in the south of the Marmara region, i.e. northwestern Turkey, and Bursa was classified as the best city suitable for living in the world and came in the forty-eighth place in the world and the center The first is in Turkey, where it is characterized by cheap living and the availability of many places of entertainment, and there are many job opportunities in various fields.

Bursa receives annually huge numbers of Arab tourists and investors, and is the largest Turkish city in terms of receiving tourists, and is distinguished by its proximity to Istanbul, which is an hour and a half away by the ship, and in general, maritime transport is the best means of transportation to move between the two cities, and Bursa makes great efforts to approach Istanbul from During the construction of new roads and bridges, the Sultan Yavuz Selim Bridge is one of the most recent bridges in Bursa.

The best city to live and invest in Turkey


It is called the Student City, and it seeks to reach the title of the best city to live and invest in Turkey, and the city of Eskişehir is characterized by a high percentage of educated people in it, and the province of Eskişehir is located northwest of the Anatolia region, and is 233 km from the city of Ankara, the capital of Turkey, and receives thousands of students. To study annually in its universities such as Gazi Osman University and Anadolu University, and Eskişehir is one of the Turkish cities that are good in terms of quality of living as the cost of living is medium-cost.


The city of Trabzon is located in northeastern Turkey and overlooks the Black Sea coast, and many Arabs choose Trabzon as a good destination for tourism and investment, and the indicator of living in Trabzon is good, and Trabzon is one of the most important Turkish cities in the field of tourism and has a long history and enormous ingredients.


Sakarya is located northwest of Turkey and overlooks the Black Sea, and includes many green areas, as it is considered one of the most beautiful green areas in Turkey, and the Sakarya River, which originates from the Afyon Mountains and flows into the Black Sea, passes through it. Sakarya is an ideal destination for tourism and entertainment, and it is also a good place to live and invest in Turkey, about two hours away from Istanbul, and there is one of the largest industrial areas in Turkey in Sakarya, which made it an ideal place to live and invest together.

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