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In recent years, Turkey has become the most attractive tourist destination for tourists from various countries of the world, as it is very popular among tourists due to its ancient history and charming natural features in addition to modern life available in all Turkish cities, and shopping in Turkey is an integral part of tourist trips in this country. The charming, and therefore we will get to know the best shopping places in Turkey that you can visit during your tourist trip.

The Turkish capital, Istanbul, is one of the most famous Turkish cities that attract tourists, as it contains many tourist ingredients that suit different tastes and all ages, and there are also many popular markets, shopping centers and malls where you can enjoy a unique shopping experience and buy the best international brands and brands. The following are the most famous shopping places in Turkey that you will enjoy visiting whether you are a resident of Turkey or a tourist. 

The best shopping places in Turkey

Grand closed market (Istanbul)

Shopping in Turkey

This market is one of the largest and most famous markets in Istanbul, and this market dates back to the 15th century AD, and it attracts large numbers of shoppers, especially tourists and expatriates residing in Turkey, and there are many shops in the market that sell various home supplies beside fabrics, clothes, jewelry stores and souvenirs. The large indoor market attracts more than 400,000 visitors per day.

The Egyptian Market (Istanbul)

The Egyptian Market is one of the most famous shopping places in Istanbul, and it is a huge covered market, built in 1660 AD, located in the Eminonu area in Istanbul, and this market is a wonderful place to shop and buy oriental antiques, leather goods, ceramics, handicrafts, the finest types of spices and herbal medicines in addition to high-quality fabrics and jewelry And unique souvenirs, and this market receives thousands of shoppers daily.

Istinye Park Complex (Istanbul) İstinye Park 

Istinye Park is one of the most famous and largest shopping centers in Turkey, and it is located in the Sariyer area in Istanbul, and it includes more than 300 shops selling various products, where you find the most famous Turkish and international brands in the mall, and the mall also has many restaurants, cafes and entertainment places for children. A luxurious bazaar selling antiques and silverware, and the mall also has shops selling high-quality food products and cosmetics for good prices.

Kamralti Market (Izmir)  Kemeraltı Bazaar

Kamralti Market is the largest open market in Turkey, located in Izmir and attracts thousands of visitors, whether from the Turks or tourists, and contains hundreds of shops that sell various goods such as handicrafts and jewelry, and the finest types of spices, and it also contains cafes where you can rest from the trouble of shopping and trying tea Or Turkish coffee in a unique Turkish atmosphere.

Nahhasin Market (Gaziantep)

The history of the copper market dates back more than 400 years, and the art of copper-making is considered one of the important and ancient arts in Gaziantep, where artists and coppersmiths manufacture very exquisite and beautiful products and offer them for sale in this market in order to earn a livelihood, and the copper-making market is one of the important tourist destinations in Gaziantep. The city of Gaziantep.

Arasta market (Adrianople) Arasta Pazarı

The Arasta market is an architectural masterpiece in the Ottoman style located in the Selimiye Mosque complex in the city of Adrianople, and there are many shops in the market that attract visitors to buy their needs, and the Arasta market is one of the most famous shopping places in Edirne, which was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, where you find in the market shops selling Almond candy, almond paste, Turkish soap and locally made mirrors, in addition to shoe stores.

Shopping in Turkey

Marash market (Qahramanmaraş)

The covered market of Maraş is one of the most important markets that attract tourists in the city of Kahramanmaraş, as this market is characterized by selling many unique products that appeal to tourists, the most important of which are wood sculptures, iron crafts, and jewelry with wonderful designs, and the Maraş market is one of the most vital places in Kahramanmaraş.

Pumice makers market (Safranbolu )

The Pumice Makers Market is one of the most important shopping places in Safranbolu of the state of Kastamonu, and this market has been included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and Safranbolu is famous for its many urban landscapes and Ottoman style, and the pumice makers market contains a group of the most skilled pumice makers and antiques, and there is also in the market A shop that sells sweets, saffron soaps and other miscellaneous goods.

Long Market (Antalya)

The Long Market is located in the city of Kas in the state of Antalya, and the Long Market is a great destination for wandering and shopping, and includes many shops that sell the most beautiful souvenirs, and when you visit this market during the summer, you will enjoy the most beautiful flowers of bright colors that make you feel calm and comfortable.

Forum Center Ankara Outlet (Ankara)

Shopping festivals organized by Turkey periodically throughout the year are one of the tourist attractions in Turkey, and Turkey contains many markets and malls that ensure shopping fun and excitement for all visitors, and Turkey attracts many Arab tourists to shop and enjoy spending the most beautiful times, and there is great competition from centers Shopping and malls spread across Turkey, so they offer the best prices.

In general, the huge malls and large shopping centers in Turkey are suitable for tourism, shopping and entertainment purposes, in addition to the possibility of resting in the cafes inside them or trying Turkish food in one of the restaurants inside the shopping areas, and the malls also provide places for entertainment that are suitable for all ages.

Mardin Historic Markets (Mardin)

Shopping in Turkey

The historical markets in Mardin are one of the important places worth visiting in Mardin, and the historical markets are decorated with artists and makers of antiques and handicrafts, and you will find in this vibrant market everything you are looking for, whether food, clothes, accessories, bridal fashion, etc., and there are other markets in Mardin. Popular as Mardin Copper Market, Rivakli Stone Market and Mardin Bazaar.

The Grand Market (Bursa)

The Grand Market is one of the most famous shopping places in Turkey and is located in the famous city of Bursa, next to the ancient Mosque of Ulu Mosque, and the grooms always go to this market with the approach of the marriage date for the purpose of shopping and buying supplies for the new home, as there are more than 120 shops in the market that sell many products at good prices There is also a silk market in Bursa, which is one of the most famous Turkish markets dedicated to selling silk.

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