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Tips of interest before you travel to Turkey

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  • Turkey
  • Entry to Turkey
  • The language
  • Phrases of welcome and greeting in Turkey
  • Currency Exchange
  • Communication means
  • customs and traditions


Turkey is one of the best tourist destinations in the world and is loved by many lovers of tourism and travel, and is famous for its picturesque nature and the diversity of its entertainment means, but the traveler may find some differences from his environment in terms of culture, customs, traditions, etc., so we made sure to provide you with important advice before traveling to Turkey to get to know On this wonderful country that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Entry to Turkey

A visa to enter Turkey must be obtained before traveling to it, taking into account that the passport is valid for a period of six months from the date of entry to Turkey so that you do not face any problems at the airport, knowing that a tourist can reside in Turkey for a period of three months for some nationalities as a maximum, and the value of the visa Turkey's entry to citizens coming from the Arab Gulf states is about $ 60, and some other countries more or less are paid upon arrival at the airport.

Traveling to Turkey

As for people who want to stay for a longer period in Turkey, whether for work or study, they must register their names in the nearest police station upon arrival in Turkey and do not care about the validity of the visa, and that is within a month of obtaining a residence permit in Turkey, and Turkey is distinguished by providing great facilities for those wishing to Travel to it.

The language

You must learn some simple Turkish words before traveling, in order to make your experience more enjoyable and exciting, and you must know that the Turkish people are very friendly and do their best to help tourists and residents in their country, and sometimes it may even come to your invitation to the family home to drink Turkish tea or coffee.

Phrases of welcome and greeting in Turkey

If you are planning to travel to Turkey, then you definitely want to learn some easy and simple words in the Turkish language, especially the greeting and hospitality phrases that are frequently used in the Turkish language, and the welcome is one of the important things at the beginning of the conversation, the Turks in general love the welcome and the hospitality are tips that interest you before traveling to Turkey, so we will know the most important words and phrases that you can use at any time or occasion while you are in Turkey.

  • Good morning - Konaiden - günaydın
  • Good evening- Iyi Akşamlar
  • Peace be upon you - Peace be upon you - selamün aleyküm
  • Hello - terrifying - merhaba 
  • Good night - Iyi geceler
  • what's your name? - Years less than that? - adın ne?
  • How are you doing? - Nasselsen? - nasılsın?
  • Fine - Iyim - iyiyim
  • Yes - Evet
  • No - Haier - Hayır
  • Hello - Hosh Geldeniz -hoş geldiniz
  • Good night - yy gecaler - iyi geceler
  • Sorry - Bardon - Pardon
  • Thank you - Thank you Adareem - teşekkür ederim

Currency Exchange

Converting the dollar and the euro specifically to the Turkish lira is easy and common in Turkey, and Turkish exchange offices are distinguished by offering the best prices for buying and selling currencies, and you will find automated exchange machines spread throughout the Turkish Republic, and it is preferable to count money at the airport as its commission is high compared to the prices of offices Money exchange outside the airport.

There are tips that are important to you before traveling to Turkey, including not relying on your ATM card as a primary source of cash. You may want to buy something that the exchange does not have, so make sure to have some cash along with your ATM card or credit card and others.

Traveling to Turkey
Photo of Turkish Lira bank notes in denominations of 100 lira bills, 50 lira bills, 20 lira bills, 10 lira bills, and 5 lira bills. Turkey's economy has been hit by high inflation and persistent currency devaluation against the US dollar, the Euro and the British Pound. Photo taken 16 August 2018. (Photo by Diego Cupolo / NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Communication means

If you intend to use a mobile phone in Turkey, this matter requires many costs, so in the event that you will make a lot of local calls in Turkey, you must buy a local SIM card and put it in your phone and you will be treated according to Turkish rates in this case, whether the calls are local or international, And if you are going to make many international calls, buying the TT card is the most economical way in this case, it is important tips for you before traveling to Turkey.

customs and traditions

Certainly, every country has its own customs and traditions, and this is what you will find in Turkey, whose customs and traditions differ from other countries in several matters. It is known that Turkey, located east of Europe, is considered one of the countries with Habits And authentic traditions, as the Turkish people have a long history and cherish its civilization throughout the ages, and the visitor notes that most Turkish families adhere to the customs and traditions of their ancestors.

Although Turkey is an average country with a mixture of East and West cultures, where a person feels while he is there in one of the global countries, knowing that the rural community in Turkey is still preserving its old customs and traditions.

And if you intend to visit Turkey for tourism, reside in it, or make friends with the Turks, we recommend that you show your knowledge and knowledge of Turkish history and the greatness of the Turkish civilization while talking to the Turks, these are tips that interest you before traveling to Turkey, the Turkish people strongly respect those who recognize the greatness of their history You can also talk to them about politics or football, as they are very popular and interesting to most Turks.

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